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My works are like storybook episodes that move with the moods and events of my life, like the ever changing sky and it's constant changing dance. I feel an infinity, a passionate identification with the sky, the cloud formations. These represent a universal expression, a state of metamorphosis, a symbolic messenger of an event of what is and what is to become.

With it’s spectacular, constant moving formations like glowing geometric designs, saturated in power and energy, the sky transforms reflected light and atmosphere into luminous color visions like a canvas overhead.

As seen around the world, the celestial sky with it’s altering faces, it’s shifting moods, uplifting and unsettled, renders like a pulsating dance, the dramatic movement and emotional spectrum of nature and life.

My work stems from a synthesis of subjective emotional responses that is charged with the sound and rhythm of music and formulated concepts. I compose a work that combines these elements of atmosphere, light, movement and energy, with intense blended color. I express a passionate spiritual attachment to nature.

The process is intimate and sensual. Using a blending technique, I apply oil paint with soft brushes producing an ethereal glowing effect. As I start to blend the paint there is an element of surprise, the unexpected happens. Images are created when colors burst and fuse with color tonalities and glazes, transcending an aura of depth and drama.

When using soft chalk pastels, I blend color over an oil based surface, particularly older monoprints or etchings, thus creating an illusion of texture and rich color.

If you are interested in contacting me, please do so by e-mail anytime at: abimagery@iscweb.net

Christine DeMeo
Petaluma, California
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June 2007